Navigating through a tight timeline and unexpected challenges to launch LinkUp’s new website.

Screenshots of the LinkUp webiste at desktop and mobile widths

The situation

Breakout Studio, an esteemed design firm based in Chicago, had been working on a significant web development project for their client, LinkUp. With the old website slated for removal on the launch day of the new one, Breakout Studio found themselves grappling with a rigid deadline. The project’s intricate nature called for a multi-phased approach to successfully launch a minimum viable product (MVP) on time.

Midway through the project, an unforeseen staffing change occurred at LinkUp, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. Needing to ensure the project’s seamless continuation, Breakout Studio sought our expertise to help navigate these challenges.

Screenshot of the LinkUp S&P 500 index interactive chart

Our approach

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we promptly teamed up with Breakout Studio to develop a strategic plan for the MVP’s timely launch. Our project managers quickly adapted to the evolving circumstances, aligning with LinkUp’s team despite the unexpected change in staffing.

We adopted a shared Bugherd board to facilitate multiple quality assurance (QA) phases seamlessly, a move that enabled us to maintain a dynamic and collaborative process for issue resolution.

On the technical front, we employed the Design Tokens plugin for Craft to ensure consistent styling across the site. This approach linked style options in the content management system (CMS) to predefined Tailwind classes, promoting template cleanliness and uniformity.

In addition, we implemented a robust CMS using Neo. This gave content creators the flexibility to build a diverse array of pages while remaining true to the brand’s identity. Recognizing the website’s need for various calls-to-action, we extended the link picker plugin to support adding custom form modals at any place on the site.

Project highlights