I Love Typography

Putting font foundries on the fast track to launch with our bulletproof web development process.

A desktop browser and smartphone displaying the I Love Typography website

The situation

The team at I Love Typography had been working on something big: a curated font marketplace where creators could sell their custom font files to the public. They had hired multiple developers to build and launch the new marketplace, but they knew they needed all hands on deck to launch within their desired timeline.

They needed a team to help execute the project management of a large-scale web launch.

Tablet displaying the inspiration section of the I Love Typography site

Our approach

After bringing on the Good Work team, our project managers quickly streamlined the process so that we could hit the goal: to launch the full marketplace in 60 days. We negotiated with the stakeholders to prioritize the ‘must-haves’ for this site to launch something that the I Love Typography team is proud of (and we are too!)

Today, we help maintain I Love Typography’s font marketplace as their ongoing development team.

Various mobile screens including the typetester and dashboard

Project highlights