Custom enterprise software user experience

garrett’s headshot By Garrett, 15 Jun 2014

It’s no secret that investing in your workplace proves just as valuable, if not more valuable, than investing in outward-facing marketing projects. Take enterprise software, for instance.

Aside from websites and email campaigns, another really valuable use of digital is in its ability to transform long-winded business processes into easy to use workflows that we can carry around in our pockets.

In the book A Brandful Workforce, Julia Gometz talks about how being a brandful company doesn’t just mean investing in your consumer-facing brand, but more importantly, your workforce.

Where the value of our primary marketing website might be to increase brand awareness and save capacity on business development and sales, the obvious value of enterprise software is in its ability to decrease training time, human error and time spent on every day operational tasks at the office like project management. Simply put, digitalizing our business processes can open up wasted capacity to work on the outward-facing things that really matter, like the quality of our products and services. This is huge in itself but doesn't take into account the not so obvious by-products of well-designed enterprise software with good user experience.

Designed well, digitalizing our operational workflows into custom software does more than just save time and money, it leads to a better employee experience, too.

The quality of experience employees have with their employer’s operations is key to their ability to feel trust and comfort at work, and in turn, the desire to stick around.

Good HR Tech Always Makes For A Happy Employee

Good operations are the foundation of a good company culture, and investing in a high-quality custom enterprise application for that foundation is a great place to start. People don't want to sit around all day working inside of legacy software or in a windowless room filing paperwork in an actual filing cabinet. That’s not a job people want to do and it's definitely not a job they’ll naturally advertise to the world.

With today’s technology we can modernize our businesses in ways that focus on the employee experience and make us more productive.

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