Ten years of Good Work

garrett’s headshot By Garrett, 4 Mar 2024

This month we celebrate our TENTH lap around the sun, marking the journey from a desk behind a couch in a living room to a highly respected team of web developers and project managers, trusted by hundreds of clients around the globe.

There’s a long story to be written here, but for now, many thank you’s:

Our current team: Chris, Ariel, Gavin, Shannon, Robin, Andrew, Ant, Zac, Brandon, Phil, Bazil and Michael.

Our alumni: Grant, Jeff, Chase, Covington, Boots, Steve and Jake.

Our friends: Our clients, the team at Craft, Christoph, (other) Robin, Switch, Nine15, J. Hall & Company, Github, Servd, Harvest, Slack, Gusto, Linear, Front, Notion, TeuxDeux, Wise, Google, PandaDoc, Pipedrive, Bugherd, Trello, and our good (and bad) landlords.

And to everyone else who’s been a part of our journey over the last ten years. Thank you!

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