The first Good Bracket

garrett’s headshot By Garrett, 31 Mar 2017

Earlier this month we created our first annual Good Bracket  —  a March Madness starter kit for facilitating your design agency’s office pool. We sent the kit out to about 50 design agencies around the nation; a handful of current clients along with a very select group of agencies we could see ourselves working with in the future.

The idea came about over a cup of coffee the Monday morning before the 2017 March Madness schedule was announced. We were looking for ways to get our name out there as a web and mobile development partner for design agencies without using the standard car salesman tactics...vualá.

We were on a tight schedule so just like any project, we came up with a game plan, setup some milestones and hit the ground running.

  • Monday: Order tubes to send the 24” × 36” master brackets in
  • Tuesday: Design the brackets and come up with a game plan for printing
  • Wednesday: Create content for, and design, instructions
  • Thursday: Create custom labels for the tubes and create a website to feed everything through
  • Friday: Package it all up and send it off!

It was fun getting our hands dirty in a physical project for once, and we're looking forward to doing it again next year. We'll be able to do a lot more, too, since we’ll have more than 5 days to think it all through this time.

Hip hip hooray to our friends at Clampitt Paper for donating the PosterColor X 180 matte paper we printed the Master Brackets on this year.

Here are some pictures of how it all turned out.

A stack of master brackets and instructions on the conference table

Close up of the instructions we sent along with the Good Bracket kit

A box of packaged up Good Brackets ready to be shipped off

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