Six years of Good Work

garrett’s headshot By Garrett, 3 Mar 2020

I look forward to this post every year where I get to go off-topic (for our blog, at least) and publicly reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the previous 365 days as a company.

One of the many things I like love about Good Work is our ability to continually evolve, both quickly and efficiently. We didn’t choose a certain way of doing things six years ago and stick to it, we learn from everything that comes our way and adjust accordingly. At the beginning of each year we set various themes and goals, and as the months go by we stick to them as much as possible, while also understanding the road isn’t straight, but incredibly windy.

About this time last year we were in the early stages of making an intentional effort to share our knowledge through a series of articles, newsletters and speaking engagements at conferences. Since that time we have committed to twice-monthly articles, a monthly newsletter and have spoken at conferences all over the map, including the official Craft CMS conference, DotAll and Vue.js Amsterdam, one of the largest Vue.js conferences in the world.

When it comes to Craft CMS, we upped our partnership with Craft and became one of only 16 verified partners in the United States. We also launched an official Craft CMS Maintenance Program out of necessity, as the demand for The Good Work Way (development rooted in reliability, communication, and of course, expertise) continues to grow.

We added 30 new clients to the Good Work family over the last year, roughly one-third of our total client list, and have worked on many exciting and challenging website projects.

To top it all off, we went fully remote back in February. We’ve always been remote-friendly with team members in different states and countries, so it only made sense. We’re now officially located in guest bedrooms and home offices throughout Texas, North Carolina, England and France!

As I write our remote team is descending upon Austin, Texas, for our annual company retreat so we can spend a few days in-person hanging out, eating BBQ, and talking through themes and goals for the next 12 months. Each year we grow stronger both as a team, and company, and I’m excited to see that tradition through to our next birthday post and beyond.

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