Two years of Good Work

garrett’s headshot By Garrett, 3 Mar 2016

Year two was a big one for us. We matured from an international team of contractors to a full time staff of four. We went all in on Craft CMS and even got to throw in a ski trip at the end to close it all out.

I’m going to start out on a low, honest note but then we’ll go right back up to happy town, so bear with me.

Part of the reason for these yearly posts is so I can go back and look at them -- so I don’t want to leave anything out. Year two started pretty grim, and it stayed that way for a few months. Ding, ding. Round one of growing pains, etc. Come to find out that’s a pretty normal checkpoint in the services business and eventually the sun started shining again. Phew!

In early spring we closed the book with the Erskine Design brand and put up a landing page that we’ll hopefully leave up forever. Shortly thereafter Good Work was shortlisted in the 2015 Net Awards for new agency of the year alongside quite the company. It was an honor! We also moved into 2701 Fairmount street, our cozy hoffice in the Uptown neighborhood in Dallas that we share with our friends at Switch Creative.

We spent the summer working on a few bigger projects. Pentagram on the new Hazen and Sawyer website, and the other was a 50th anniversary campaign for Endsleigh Insurance. Toward the end of the summer Phil got to come to Dallas via Nottingham for a quick week of launching cool stuff and kicking off a new project with CareNow.

By late summer / early fall (at about month 18), things really started picking up and with no end in sight. Throughout the year we’d been partnering with design agencies all over the city to help out with front-end development and Craft CMS integration, and a few of them had started to lean 100% on us for their development needs. Chris and Covington joined the team in October, and Boots came on board in November.

It wasn’t long after adding all these cool dudes that we had a folder full of shell scripts to do basically anything you can imagine. It was a good move.

The winter was a blur of building websites, learning to work as a team and fully committing to the Craft content management system. We closed out year two in Durango, Colorado on a 4 day company ski trip. We skied, snowmobiled, tubed, ate, drank and just about everything else that doesn’t involve the internet. It was fantastic.

All in all, it’s been a great year for Good Work, and we really started to hit our stride. We’ve got a fantastic team and some great clients and partners. This year I see us growing a little slower, introducing a few pet projects and maybe even updating this blog every once in a while.

Happy Anniversary, Good Work.

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