Transforming the digital presence of a global identity risk solution for banks and fintechs.

The situation

Alloy, a leader in the financial services sector, was on the lookout for a digital partner to help enhance its digital presence and streamline the delivery of its content to users. Recognized for its commitment to innovation, Alloy required a digital partner that could match its pace and vision, leading to its collaboration with Good Work.

Our approach

Our partnership with Alloy is based on transparency, efficiency, and innovation. Together, we’ve tackled diverse projects, aiming to elevate Alloy’s online presence through seamless collaboration and strategic execution.

In-depth website audit: Our comprehensive audit identified key areas for improvement in usability, accessibility, and design aesthetics. We provided Alloy with strategic recommendations to enhance their site’s performance and user experience.

Content Library redesign: We revamped the Content Library with a focus on SEO and user experience, implementing a new taxonomy to improve content discoverability and reduce bounce rates. Dynamic filtering and optimized navigation further streamlined user interactions.

From a technical standpoint, we utilized Sprig for real-time search and filtering without page reloads. Our performance optimizations included lazy loading of images, with the innovative use of prominent image colors as placeholders to enhance the visual experience as content loads.

Page builder blocks refresh: To update Alloy’s website aesthetics without overhauling their existing codebase, we integrated the modern tool, Vite. This allows us to develop new front-end components using Tailwind CSS while still leveraging their legacy styles, striking a balance between innovation and continuity.

State of Fraud Benchmark Report: Moving away from traditional PDF delivery, we developed an engaging, interactive report for Alloy’s annual survey results. Custom charts, editable through Craft CMS, allow for complex data to be presented in a clear, user-friendly manner.

This page features dynamic, interactive graphs and a gated call to action, encouraging users to engage with and download the survey. Designed for scalability, this solution allows Alloy to update the survey annually with minimal effort.

Our ongoing collaboration with Alloy not only revitalizes their digital platforms but also empowers them to lead the financial services sector through innovative web solutions. Our dedicated project management and digital teams ensure that Alloy’s digital initiatives are executed flawlessly, setting new standards for online engagement in the industry.

Good Work has become an integral extension of our digital marketing efforts, helping enhance our preexisting website through technical development and visual design. Their work on complex projects, such as the realignment of our Content Library and the creation of a landing page for our 2024 Benchmark Survey, has successfully aligned and elevated our website to meet our needs. They are an invaluable asset to our team, and any organization would be fortunate to collaborate with them.

Photo of Kelly Mayes

Kelly Mayes
Senior Director of Communications and Brand, Alloy

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