Nag plugin for Craft CMS 3 and 4

ant’s headshot By Ant, 23 Feb 2023

Nag is the latest release from the Good Work plug-in stable. This add-on simply sends an email notification to a user each time they sign in or when their email address is updated.

Why would you want to saddle yourself and your users with these extra messages in your freshly zeroed inbox? Well, on the whole, Craft has a pretty good security record, but often Users, particularly those with Control Panel access, can be the weakest link. The OWASP Top Ten highlights security risks for web applications, and a common theme running throughout is the risk posed by compromised user accounts and unsolicited logins.

Of course, none of us use the same password on multiple sites or have posed for a photo exposing our password in the background. Right? Good. But just in case someone did obtain the credentials for your Craft account, how would you know if they were logging in as you, or worse, changed the email address on your account, preventing you from accessing your site?

That’s where Nag comes in.

We realise that email notifications may not be necessary for your whole team, or perhaps you just want to alert those with an admin role? Neigh problem, we’ve thought of that. You can fine tune which groups receive notifications Settings. If you manage these with Project Config then a nefarious user can’t switch off notifications on your Production site either. We’ve even added an integration with ip2location to give a best guess at the global location of the user.

So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and consider installing Nag on your critical Craft sites today.

Download Nag in the Craft CMS Plugin Store.

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