Getting sprightly with Sass

Posted by Chris

A lot of you might be thinking “the LESS I hear about CSS preprocessors, the better”. But you could be missing out, while variables and nesting give us some sanity for front-end dev, things can get really fun with mixins. We’re all about Sass (more specifically SCSS) and buried away deep in our Ultimate Package repository there’s an unsung hero which helps tremendously with… Read More »

EE-legal in Leiden

Garrett recently nipped over to Leiden in the Netherlands to speak at the EECI EU 2012 conference. The EECI EU 2012 conference is Europe’s largest gathering of ExpressionEngine aficionados, drawing delegates from a wide range of countries and with a great line up of top level speakers. Closing the conference, Garrett’s talk was entitled “Illegally good front-end” and centered on… Read More »

Calculating EMs with SCSS

Posted by Garrett

Earlier this year we made the switch to SCSS and I’ve really loved what its done to our front-end workflow. One thing I’m particularly fond of is how SCSS has improved how we’re calculating EMs. The olden days Before SCSS we’d simply make our EM calculation and leave a comment explaining where that number came from off to the side. This worked fine, but could be time… Read More »

Typographic styling with SCSS

Posted by Garrett

Friday, right after our end-of-week pub rituals, Phil and I went back to the office with hopes of building a website. At the beginning of last week we got fairly obsessed with typographic styling, so this would be a good time to experiment with that process a bit more. We fired up Sublime, fetched the Ultimate Package and jumped in. We started with a simple page including kitchen sink-ish html… Read More »

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