Donkeytail plugin for Craft CMS

Posted by Garrett

Today we released the lite version of Donkeytail, a Craft CMS plugin we’ve been using internally for a few months now. Donkeytail stems from a need we had to content manage dots on images. Maps come up a lot in our world. From maps for new development projects to maps for hiking trails through the Scottish Highlands, and most of the time it makes more sense to roll our own system for design… Read More »

Inaugural #CraftCMS meetup in Dallas

Posted by Garrett

Yesterday we hosted the inaugural #CraftCMS Dallas meetup by our friends at Busy Noggin — complete with lots of pizza, Twig and general website chatter. A good time was had and we’re looking forward to being a part of the growing Craft CMS community here in Dallas. If you missed it but are into Craft, don’t fret - there’ll be plenty more to come. If you’ve not used Craft but are… Read More »

Bob’s your uncle!

Posted by Garrett

A hearty welcome to the latest additions to our growing family, Steve Sharpe and Gavin Platt. Steve’s in Nottingham with Chris, and Gavin’s from wherever he’s calling home this week (though his mailing address is in Leeds). Steve’s our new in-house engineer — building anything from complex enterprise applications to native apps for iOS and Android. Gavin joins us after 10 years as a self… Read More »

Why our clients love Craft

More and more people are discovering Craft. With big names like the Associated Press, Netflix, and Agatha Christie moving to Craft, the future looks bright. There’s a lot out there on what makes Craft great from a technical standpoint, but Craft is great for non-technical users, too. Here are the biggest reasons… Read More »

(Closed) Wanted: Front-end web developer

Posted by Garrett

We’re looking for a smart, enthusiastic and seasoned front-end web developer to join our growing team. This is a remote position (unless you happen to be in Dallas, TX). Good Work is an expert team of web developers that partner with like-minded brands and design agencies to build things for the web. Here’s a few examples of our current projects:… Read More »

Automating our project onboarding process

Posted by Garrett

We use quite a few web apps at Good Work to help simplify our day to day life. On the operations side, that’s Trello, Harvest and Forecast. We use Trello to visualize project flow, Harvest for time tracking and reporting, and Forecast for scheduling the team. Here’s our process for onboarding a new project and how that works with the 3 systems above.… Read More »

2 years of Good Work

Posted by Garrett

Year 2 was a big one for us. We matured from an international team of contractors to a full time staff of 4. We went all in on Craft CMS and even got to throw in a ski trip at the end to close it all out. :birthday: I’m going to start out on a low, honest note but then we’ll go right back up to happy town, so bear with me.… Read More »

Poo~Pourri choose Good Work

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been chosen by Dallas-based Poo~Pourri to assist with their upcoming digital initiatives. If you haven’t checked them out, do. They’re changing the world one toilet bowl at a time and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. It’ll be a while until we can share more, but until then… I suggest you get lost in their YouTube channel - it’s a work of art.


Welcome, Boots!

Posted by Garrett

We’re thrilled to announce that John “Boots” Highland has joined our growing development team. Boots specializes in the bass guitar, but ain’t too bad at front-end development and content management system integration either. He’ll be rocking out of our Dallas office. :metal:

New blood

Posted by Garrett

A very warm welcome to Covington Doan and Chris Rowe. Covington will be working out of our Dallas office while Chris joins us from a quaint little village outside of Nottingham, England. One can shoot an apple off your head with a longbow and his eyes closed. The other drives a DeLorean like an angel. They’ll fit in just fine! As for their website making abilities, they’re pretty good at that,… Read More »

Launch: a digital timeline for Endsleigh’s 50th anniversary

Posted by Garrett

Together with our long time partner Endsleigh Insurance, the UK’s leading student insurance company, we created a digital timeline to showcase milestones, quotes and media from the archives of their 50 years of history. :tada: Though we were up against quite the deadline, the project was a blast to work on — weighing in at just… Read More »

Launch: a new envelope customization app for Letter Jacket

Posted by Garrett

We worked with Letter Jacket Envelopes to redesign and develop the core of their business, the envelope customization app. What we came up with was a clean and easy to use interface backed by real user data. :chart_with_upwards_trend: Screenshots of the redesigned envelope customization app The original application was slightly awkward to navigate, and customers… Read More »

Shortlisted in the 2015 Net Awards

Posted by Garrett

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in the 2015 Net Awards for “new agency of the year”. Thank you so much to all of our clients and peers — it’s a real honor and we wouldn’t have made the list without you. If you dig our work, please spread the word and vote for us. You have until July 13th to cast your votes.

Nailing the basics

Posted by Garrett

The magic bullet to a successful digital project is readable content, usable forms and intelligent website structure. Nail these basics and you’ve nailed your digital project, whatever it is. People won’t be able to put their finger on what they love about the site or app, but they’ll love it. They’ll love it because they can quickly consume content, find what they’re looking… Read More »

Launch: a new registration and enrollment system for UPUMC

Posted by Garrett

We recently partnered with Switch Creative and The Weekday School at UPUMC to make an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly registration and enrollment system for the 2015–2016 school year. :100: Not to choose favorites, but this might be my favorite Good Work project so far. It falls right in line with the type work we excel at, and was our first meaty Dallas… Read More »

1 year of Good Work

Posted by Garrett

1 year ago today I sat down at my home office in Houston, Texas for day 1 of Good Work. The few months before were spent hunting down digital projects outside of a full time job, with the first to start on March 3rd, the first Monday of March in 2014. :birthday: It’s been a wild ride to say the least. 18 new project launches, 10 others improved, a move to Dallas, a new… Read More »


How to hire and work with design agencies

Posted by Garrett

Hiring a design agency to assist your organization in an upcoming website design, app or other digital project can be a daunting task, but if you fully understand the process and how to find the right agency beforehand, it’s not so bad. This is the first in a series of articles that aim to answer your questions about hiring a design agency for your web design… Read More »

It’s time for enterprise software to catch up

Posted by Garrett

We live in a world where digital has completely changed the way we interact with just about every major industry. From booking our travel, airfare and hotels online to calling a cab and ordering pizza from an app on our phone. And design and usability are at the heart of it. We could go on for days on how digital has… Read More »

Low-risk onboarding consultancy projects

Posted by Garrett

Before jumping into a long-term relationship with a new client, I like to start with a small week or two long onboarding consultancy to test the waters. It’s a low-risk way to introduce our potential client to user-centered design and really see the value in working with us. It’s also a great way for both parties to ensure the relationship is a good fit. A quick lesson on… Read More »

The value of user experience in business web applications

Posted by Garrett

It’s no secret that investing in your workplace proves just as valuable, if not more valuable, than investing in outward facing marketing projects. Take business web applications, for instance. Aside from websites and email campaigns, another really valuable use of digital is in its ability to transform long winded business processes into easy to use workflows that we can carry… Read More »

An introduction to Good Work

Posted by Garrett

In 2007 I started a small web design company with my college roommate. We got an office downtown a few days after graduating and went door to door looking for business. I was the website guy, he was the business guy. We weren’t quite sure what we were doing but we were having fun and we went all in. We ran the company for about four years, and learned a ton along the way, but… Read More »


Questioning the quality of our work

Posted by Garrett

We took a break from client work last week to hold our second Erskine Breakfast event in our Nottingham office. It was a packed house and the topic of discussion was the creative process. This is a summary of my talk on improving the quality of our work throughout the project lifecycle. Our design and development team is constantly improving the way we work together across different… Read More »

Digital PM Summit

Garrett will be speaking at this year’s Digital PM Summit. It’s a new conference aimed at digital project managers and will be held in Philadelphia in October. Garrett will be joining a stella line up of speakers from leading digital agencies and product companies. He’ll be discussing ways to ensure the delivery of quality work, speaking about his experiences managing in-house and remote… Read More »


Getting sprightly with Sass

Posted by Chris

A lot of you might be thinking “the LESS I hear about CSS preprocessors, the better”. But you could be missing out, while variables and nesting give us some sanity for front-end dev, things can get really fun with mixins. We’re all about Sass (more specifically SCSS) and buried away deep in our Ultimate Package repository there’s an unsung hero which helps tremendously with… Read More »

EE-legal in Leiden

Garrett recently nipped over to Leiden in the Netherlands to speak at the EECI EU 2012 conference. The EECI EU 2012 conference is Europe’s largest gathering of ExpressionEngine aficionados, drawing delegates from a wide range of countries and with a great line up of top level speakers. Closing the conference, Garrett’s talk was entitled “Illegally good front-end” and centered on… Read More »

Calculating EMs with SCSS

Posted by Garrett

Earlier this year we made the switch to SCSS and I’ve really loved what its done to our front-end workflow. One thing I’m particularly fond of is how SCSS has improved how we’re calculating EMs. The olden days Before SCSS we’d simply make our EM calculation and leave a comment explaining where that number came from off to the side. This worked fine, but could be time… Read More »

Typographic styling with SCSS

Posted by Garrett

Friday, right after our end-of-week pub rituals, Phil and I went back to the office with hopes of building a website. At the beginning of last week we got fairly obsessed with typographic styling, so this would be a good time to experiment with that process a bit more. We fired up Sublime, fetched the Ultimate Package and jumped in. We started with a simple page including kitchen sink-ish html… Read More »



Late last month a gaggle of Erskinites made their way down to the UK’s first ever national ExpressionEngine conference, EEUK11, where Garrett spoke on tips, techniques and tactics for handling mobile and alternative versions of sites in EE (slide deck).

Planning and documenting front-end components

Posted by Garrett

At Erskine it’s more than just accepted, but it’s encouraged to question the way things are done. If something isn’t working, figure out another way and test it out with the team. We’re always experimenting and our processes are constantly questioned. The way we’re working now is ten times better than it was six months ago, and the same thing will happen in another six months. It’s inevitable.… Read More »

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